Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

I'm bored with you

Did you know..
Why now I see so often emotional
Did you know..
If only you knew..
I always remember..
All we have done

But you!!
Always just blacken that ever happened in the yesterday..
I always just consider it a wonderful memory that should I keep and I'll keep the memories never die ..
But you ignore all of them!

I'm sick when you behave like that
You fool you could not see the depth of my heart for you
And I've tried to be the best for you
And I've held all the wishes that might make me forget you

I'm not a weak woman because of her love
I've trained for it
Do not you take me cold war
Because I will win and you will cry over everything that happened because of your attitude

I do not need to hear your confession in the past were deliberately ignoring me
And now when I'm away
You're sorry!
What is the point for me?

I always respect the man
I always try to be a good lover in him eyes
But why every time I do it with all my heart ..
My heart burned with a savage man's attitude?

Now ...
Not that I'm heartbroken ..
But my heart is aching
Why do I always have to understand you
Why not once in a while you understand me?

When I'm bored with it all you will feel what I feel
All taste
All smarting
All sick
All melancholy
All undecided
All the disappointments
You gave me that you said it accidentally you feel yourself going

That way you have to travel because of his own doings
Don't grumble at the end again as you say yesterday

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